Improvisation and Literacy, a workshop for professional educators at Chicago’s Second City, Oct. 2010.
Teaching Philosophy
Course Descriptions (classes taught)
Sample Syllabus: Projects in Art and Technology: Multimedia Improvisation (co-taught with Dan Zellner in the fall of 2003, offered by Northwestern University’s Center for Art and Technology)
Sample Syllabus: Multimodal Composition Course, Writing and Communication Program, Spring 2009, Georgia Institute of Technology.
Student Work Samples: Critiques of Atlanta-Based Events (2007-2010).
Sample Assignment: Final Digital Portfolio Guidelines for Entry-Level Composition Course at GA Tech.
Press about the Multimedia Improvisation Class
Recent Student Comments Regarding Teaching:
Communication from Students in Composition Classes at GA Tech (2007-2010)
Case Studies in Multimodal Communication
Tamer Shaaban, February 2011
Tamer participated in my freshman composition course Art, Technology and Creative Production at GA Tech in spring of 2008. From the start, he expressed an interest in acquiring skills related to video production and digital storytelling. In conjunction with class activities, Tamer created videos that documented his college experience, works that extended classroom explorations of performance events from an academic setting into the realm of everyday life. Following the class, Tamer continued to perfect his video production skills. Now in his senior year at the University, Tamer has made a series of works that respond to and comment upon the political crisis in Egypt. The videos demonstrate his ability to compose and present compelling rhetorical arguments in multimedia formats. Here is a sample of Tamer’s work:
English Theatre Class, London, Summer 1998
Rehearsing in front of projection screen
Technical Equipment
Portable Screen Set-Up for Teaching
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