Computational Improvisation class at GA Tech, spring semester 2010. The course, co-taught by Professors Kathryn Farley and Bill Leahy invited participants to create interactive digital devices for performers to operate in real-time during a live improv show.

Writing Sample: Paper
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Dissertation: Teaching Performance in the Digital Age: Computerized Technologies, Improvisational Play Techniques and Interactive Learning Processes
Project HOBNOB
I have just completed work on two large-scale research projects at Georgia Tech that explore the impact of digital media technologies on creativity and performance scholarship.
Europe June 2009 Lecture at Goldsmiths College, University of London with GA Tech Research Group. The lecture was sponsored by the Thursday Club, a consortium of artists and scientists from across the university spectrum.
The first study, Second Life Augmented Reality Project, explores the practical and theoretical issues for Performance Studies posed by new genres of performance in virtual environments, such as Second Life. In the project’s initial phase of development, members of the research team collaborated with Atlanta-based improvisers to create scenes that would test the environment’s expressive potential. During the second year, we developed and tested a set of questions that derived from theoretical premises and devised a performance highlighting virtual and physical break dancers from the GA Tech community. Details about the project can be found at http://arsecondlife.gvu.gatech.edu
The second study, Modeling Creative and Emotive Improvisation in Theatre Performance, delves into the roots of human creativity, as it relates to the development of artificial intelligence. The project, funded by the Creative Information Technologies program of the National Science Foundation, examines the cognitive functions of improv comedy actors through the process of protocol analysis and behavioral coding. The project is part of the Adaptive Digital Media Lab at Georgia Tech (http://adam.lcc.gatech.edu)

Virtual and physical break dancers rehearse for a performance at GA Tech in April of 2009


Forging connections between my research at GA Tech and the Atlanta arts community is a top priority. Since re-locating to the area three years ago, I have assumed leadership positions in organizations that contribute to the City's thriving culture. I served as a trustee of the Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center and am currently a director of Dad’s Garage Theatre Company. In addition, I am a member of the Board of Advisors of the Alliance Theatre. These positions expand upon my training in performance and my commitment to volunteer service.

Venice Biennale Sumer 2009

Stage Configuration of Digital Theatre Productions
Stage Configuration of Digital Theatre Productions Stage Configuration of Digital Theatre Productions
Stage Designs Incorporating 3-D Technologies
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