Members of the Second Life Augmented Reality Research Team from Georgia Tech
serving as visiting artists at the Banff New Media Institute, Alberta Canada (March 2008)
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The DuSable Project
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Dracula Scene I 
My creative activities are directly related to my scholarly pursuits. All of my arts projects aim to encourage participants and audience members to think critically about the relationship between technology, creativity and humanity, and to contribute to the betterment of the community.

I am especially interested in experimenting with computer-based media as integral components of production. My scholarship and creative activities focus on improvisation comedy traditions and current practices that integrate cutting-edge media tools and techniques. As a producer, I have presented a number of media-infused comedy events in the Atlanta area, including the Last Seen Improv Festival at Dad's Garage Theatre.

Building upon my producing interests, I am in the process of tracing the history of theatre educator Viola Spolin's ideas about engagement as a core tenet of improv training. To that end, I spent time this past fall reviewing the contents of her personal archives that are now part of Northwestern University Library's Special Collections. The current issue of the Library's newsletter describes my research project in relation to new directions in improv comedy scholarship and practice.
Click on this image of Viola Spolin to review a copy of Footnotes Newsletter
Click on this image of Viola Spolin to review a copy of Footnotes Newsletter

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