Oct. 2010 trip to Northwestern University to review the personal archives of pioneering theatre educator Viola Spolin.
The archives are housed in the Library’s Special Collections.

Northwestern University
· Paul Breslin, Academic Director, Summer In London Program
· Judith Royer, New Plays Production Coordinator, New Play Development Workshop XII, ATHE's Playwrights Program
· Carol Simpson Stern, Director, Preparing Future Faculty Program, Northwestern University, and Richard I. Morimoto, Dean of The Graduate School,
Having fun with students in my English 1102 class from Georgia Tech in the fall of 2009. Participants in the course attended a Thrashers hockey game, the preview screening of “Up in the Air” film and the Mayoral Arts Forum, among many other events, to discover Atlanta’s vibrant and diverse cultural life.
Excerpt from Letter Sent by Susan Lee, Professor of Theatre, Northwestern University and Master, Jones Residential College

June 2005

Re: Staging Dracula: Multimedia Literary Adaptation Class

Dear Kathryn:

I wanted to take this opportunity express my gratitude for your contribution to the Jones Residential College for the Fine and Performing Arts. I am sure that you know that your work with colleague Dan Zellner surpassed my expectations for our first tutorial experience.

Your course made it possible for residents enrolled to experience the challenges of integrating interactive digital multimedia into live performance. Through your innovative work to adapt, stage and perform selected scenes from the gothic epic Dracula, students were taken into a new creative realm. The tutorial explored literary adaptation processes as well as exposing them to digital tools and techniques.

Thank you for your talent, professionalism and dedication in establishing a rich learning environment. You have set a standard for future tutorials that bring the academic artistic and undergraduate worlds together to realize the vision of residential colleges.

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